Thoughts Behind exmic’s Logo

The exmic logo expresses the power of nature. As the circle of the earth, soil, land, water, streams, rivers, dewdrops, flames, fire, and the earth remind us, we desire to be a brand that invites and expands connections between people.

We want to be the new frontier brand of Kyo-ware and Kiyomizu-ware, where you can feel the new Kyoto and the pure stream of Kiyomizu, along with the fire, the water and the earth from which the pottery is imbued with energy.

Making exmic Together with Our Customers

In recent years, we have experienced an increase in demand for traditional Japanese crafts due to an increase in the number of visitors to Japan and consequent increase in the number of hotels and tourist businesses, an increase in the number of high class restaurants and bars seeking to differentiate themselves from the rest of the market, and an increase in the desire of product manufacturers for “Made in Japan” products. In fact, since making a connection at the exhibitions, we have been involved in the development of new materials and product planning with product manufacturers. The person in charge of the project said, “the current market, saturated with products such as smartphones and mobility platforms, is becoming standardized and losing individuality. We are looking for something that is uniquely Japanese and uniquely Kyoto.” We learned that companies also value Japanese tradition and individuality.
We would like to take on the challenge of “creating new value” together with companies seeking a Japanese and Kyoto style, and we are aiming to be a company that does not say “we can’t do it” but rather says “we can try”. We provide value as a facilitator, coordinating and directing a large number of creators in Kyoto alone, thus meeting the needs of our customers.
The challenge of creating new value is often very difficult but we believe that continuing to take on this challenge is the key to the development of Kyo-ware and Kiyomizu-ware, and the development of Japanese traditions.
We would like to realize the concept of “expand ceramics=>exmic” with our customers.