ARTMENSION - Art + Dimensional -
Our techniques are derived from the traditional wisdom and experience of Kyo-ware and Kiyomizu-ware and their sense of style and beauty as nurtured over a long history. Using our techniques and artistic sensibility as a resource, we want people around the world to experience the charms of Kyoto by creating “Made in Kyoto” spaces in various locations.
ARTMENSION, the brand that creates Artistic and Three-dimensional work based on craft materials, continues its daily quest for special spaces that will make your heart flutter with excitement.

Production background


Cuisine that brightens up the dining table.
Tableware is a supporting actor that makes cuisine the star.
Yet, our supporting actors are also eye-catching.
We wanted to create something in which the users could find value.
And so, the Utage series was born.


From shaping to hand-painting, we are consistent in our use of Kyoto materials.

Coffee Bigaku is the cumulation of the techniques and traditions of Kyoto craftsmen. It expresses the present and the future of Kyo-ware and Kiyomizu-ware.
We hope you enjoy the essence of beauty through coffee culture.
The Coffee Bigaku series is made in the hope people all over the world will enjoy beautiful times over the seas with the vibe of Kyoto and Japan.


和の心。譲のこころ。-Wa Joo Bi-




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